Financial Arrangements For Children And Schedule 1 Of The Children Act 1989

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Financial Arrangements For Children And Schedule 1 Of The Children Act 1989

In cases where the court may retain jurisdiction to deal with child maintenance issues, for example in cases of high-income parents, or to meet the costs of education or disability. The CSA will only have a role in cases where the children are under 16 (subject to an adjustment period of a few months after they leave school) or under 19 if they are still in education. The courts have the power to make orders for the support of children who are aged 19 or above but still in education or suffering from a disability.

Lump-sum orders to benefit children or young adults who are still in education or where other special circumstances apply, this provision can be useful where parents have not been married and therefore the divorce law cannot be used to ensure proper housing for children while they are still dependent.

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I have assisted parents and grandparents in private law proceedings for many years, providing you with the knowledge and guidance to achieve your objectives, I can support you through every aspect of the process. With proven supportive strategies, coupled with the assurance of a host of satisfied parents that I have helped over many years, with a wealth of supportive references from established professional organizations and charities.

Negotiations prior are paramount importance in proceedings; barristers will usually support knowledgeable McKenzie Friends being involved, this will be advantageous to your case and can help to resolve matters smoothly as it can make these negotiations less confrontational.

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I have extensive knowledge and experience of the family law system, and have established my reputation as a McKenzie Friend with court professionals over many years. I have experienced some of the most complex cases relating to children and residence disputes ever in the family courts, including my own experience to fight for my daughters right to have both parents in her life.

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I have assisted in many cases where the court has requested a finding of fact hearing, this requires substantial experience when supporting a parent who is a Litigant in Person

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