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Parental alienation 

In 2018, CAFCASS introduced guidance around identifying a range of reasons why a child might unjustifiably resist or refuse contact with a parent. It defines parental alienation as:

The World Health Organisation in 2019 accepted the current version of ICD-11 which contains within it the index term parental alienation for the code QE.52 Caregiver-Child Relationship Problem.

Parental alienation was clearly illustrated in the tragic case of Re A (Children) (Parental alienation) [2019] EWFC B56, where expert evidence showed that the mother's campaign to alienate her children from their father resulted in the children's memories regarding the paternal relationship becoming far removed from reality. Judge Wildblood Q.C. concluded that the mother's actions were "deeply harmful" and would cause significant and long-term harm to the children concerned. Certain professionals involved were also criticised for not identifying parental alienation swiftly enough, meaning that by the time intervention occurred the damage had already been done.

"When a child's resistance or hostility towards one parent is not justified and is the result of psychological manipulation by the other parent.' It is one of a number of reasons why a child may reject or resist spending time with one parent post-separation. All potential risk factors, such as domestic abuse, must be adequately and safely considered, reduced or resolved before assessing the other case factors or reasons."