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McKenzie Friend support at court or for preparation before attending your hearing

Here is why people choose my services

We have recently added new professional Mckenzie friends to our services

Our McKenzie friends can help you with all aspects of family law disputes, with experience of over 20 years in family law cases relating to Children in public and private law proceedings with over 3000 cases resolve

Help When You Attend Court

Child contact disputes don't need to be expensive if you cannot afford solicitors I can help you with an alternative solution, enabling you to have the same equality of arms when the other side is represented.

I can provide a full range of professional low-cost support services to assist you in the area of family law, It is always preferable for parents to agree on arrangements for their children between them, sometimes this is not always straightforward and the assistance of an experienced McKenzie friend can be invaluable.

my role is to assist you in going to court and help with your documents, and also to attend your hearings, so you can conduct your case with my help

Saving money on assistance pay as you go, no retainer affordable help

Saving you money at every stage in family law cases is vital, and I appreciate the struggle most parents will have, however, I will assure you that vast savings can be made, my professional service is considerably cheaper for several reasons, and this can be explained on your initial consultation.    

I am one of a few McKenzie friends who has also taken part in the recent studies by the legal services commision in the conduct of Mckenzie friends 

Are you having problems with contact with your children or is the other parent taking you to court and need advice today, then don't be afraid to contact me for some initial advice

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