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Hi Chris,

June 12 2023

I hope you are well!

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I've turned to Chris during a challenging time with a Section 7 report disregarding my safeguarding issues and the wishes of the child. Up to that point I had a solicitor, partner in a large firm, who was trying to convince me to agree to the recommendations in the Section 7 report which weren't in my child's interest. As I was determined to do best by my child, in desperation I contacted Chris who saw the issues for what they were and took my case. We are talking about a complicated case, with very heavy international element and risk of abduction to a country which is currently at war. Chris provided me with support, guidance and reassurance throughout the preparation process and during the DRA and Final hearing. I do believe that he had an important role to play in winning the case and my child remaining safe and I'd be happy to recommend his services to friends and family.

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Hi Chris,
 June 2023
"I have received support from Chris in two cases for my children. His attention to detail and knowledge of family law is far superior than most professional counsel. I could not speak more highly of Chris and would recommend him to anyone who is seeking the support of a Mckenzie friend in their case and requires the support of a genuinely dedicated, committed and knowledgeable individual".

Name Miss ...hidden.

May 2022


I am so glad I was able to find Chris, his knowledge and skills far exceeded my experience with well know solicitors. I built such a positive relationship with Chris and a major plus he not only educated me, but he was also able to accurately predict issues and bumps in the journey I will face in my year-long case to a T. The time, care, honesty, and still manages to be available every step of the way is unmatched. I highly recommend Chris, I was an alienated father, with Chris not only I got the outcome I wanted, I didn't have to burn a hole in my pocket. I can humbly say if you are going through court and you want a honest, diligent, cost effective and an all round great person? Give Chris a call now it doesn't matter what stage you are at just call.

Name J Fredricks

Manager / Com27 April 2020

J Fredricks

Chris  is a beacon of hope to my family. Before finding Chris my options appeared limited especially when costs are at the forefront and the likelihood of a resolution seemed impossible. Chris's experience shone through within minutes of talking, his calm, empathetic demeanor offered emotional support but with his persistence, in making sure he is available for you with his busy schedule is second to none. I can honestly say I am in great hands with Chris and bonus he speaks to you as a human, not as a case number. I am eternally grateful for his service

Mr Chris james assisted and advised me through extremely difficult, painful and protracted family court proceedings. His knowledge and expertise of family law and the legal system surpasses that of any barrister or solicitor I have ever been represented by previously. Most importantly, he always focuses on the true and best interests of the child/children first and foremost and his advice to me throughout the case was invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend his services as a Mckenzie Friend and his professionalism throughout. Lucy Davies [ALIAS NAME]

June 2019

I contacted Chris after my abusive ex-husband decided to take our 14 yr old son and refused to bring him home.

I was devasted as my son had always lived with me and had limited contact with his father over the years due to his drinking.Chris's knowledge and expertise on family law was second to none. For an initial fee Chris helped me fill in the relevant forms that needed to be submitted to court without the help of a solicitor or an appointment. I had no idea I could just turn up at court and ask to see a judge. Chris gave me the confidence to go to court and finally stand up to my ex, focusing on all the important facts my ex didn't stand a chance. Forms were handed to the court on the Friday when I saw the judge the case was adjourned until the Monday whilst papers were served to my ex to give him chance to appeal. On receiving his papers my ex again got aggressive and my and partner managed to get my son back. My ex never turned up to the hearing today and in his absence, the court has issued a prohibited steps order. Preventing my ex from taking my son again. I really can't thank Chris enough for all his help and advice in getting my son back home to me. Mrs C Knight Cannock

Peter Doney June 2018/ case May 2018

I contacted Christopher to help me through a child access court case. I had already spent close to £2000 on solicitor fees and had still not made any progress.

Christopher was very direct and up front about keeping my costs down and was able to pin point the necessary action in a very short time... I admire his ability to absorb and assimilate information. In court he was supremely composed, level and direct... And was able to brush aside any unimportant points and focus in on the best outcome using an astonishing knowledge of the law and the eventual ruling was everything I could have hoped for... I would have been very lost without him there and for a fraction of the cost of a solicitor. I was also very touched that he had the warewithall to contact me a few weeks after the ruling to see how things were going with me and my children. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him